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Author: Decane

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Clean UI - patch v0.95

Changes since v0.9:

Artifact icons occupying belt slots are now slightly smaller and consistent with the rest of the slots.
The Professor Sakharov icon no longer leaks under the borders of the profile image in trade screen mode.
Minor text enhancements for on-screen prompts.
Minor alignment issues fixed for on-screen prompts.
Fixed weapon attachment icons being cut off in the inventory due to cell size limitations for assault rifles. NOTE: the MP5 could not be fixed. The silencer, when equipped, looks "shortened" and there is nothing I can do about it.
Performed some minor coloring / brightness tweaks to weapon attachment icons.


INSTALL OVER v0.9 (you need to download v0.9 first, and then install this patch over it).
Just copy the "gamedata" folder over the one already in place from the v0.9 installation.

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