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A mod for STALKER: Clear Sky
(made with version 1.5.10)
by Blacksun1942

STEP #1-
Extract to your root install directory, usually
C:Program FilesGSC World PublishingClear Sky
C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonstalker clear sky
(if you're using the Steam version like me)
STEP #2-
If this is your first time installing mods and you haven't already altered your fsgame.ltx file, please do so now:
Find the file called fsgame.ltx located in your root install dir and open it with a text editor like Notepad.

Find this line:
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Change it to this:
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

High resolution skins and bumpmaps for the Monolith faction made by mixing and matching some of the work of other modders.
Siro's Marked One Ending Suit by Siro

Jamies Armour Reskin Pack by Jaimie;81422

Reaper's Duty Reskin by Reaper;93752

I always found myself a little disappointed at the look of the Monolith faction. Their clean, snow/urban camo outfits didn't match up with my vision of a group of crazed, fanatical Stalkers who worship the Monolith, guard the Brain Scorcher, are surrounded by zombies and mutants, and are exposed to vast levels of radiation as they live and operate around Chernobyl itself!!
To me, these guys are total lunatics, the worst that the Zone can bring out in human beings, isolated from the rest of STALKER society (which is pretty isolated to begin with) and manipulated by the Monolith.

I'm not a skilled artist, so I decided to merge some great textures made by some awesome members of the community to give the Monolith faction the look they SHOULD have had all along!
- I gave them a slightly mutated face and eyes underneath that armor by using the zombie textures
- They wear dark, faded, and dirty SEVA outfits (courtesy of Siro) with a red ammo vest (courtesy of Reaper), and rusted Exoskeletons (courtesy of Jamie).
- I added realistic-looking blood stains, additional wear and tear, and a collection of human ears on the belt for some extra creepiness.

- Since they're just skins+bumps, this mod is compatible with anything that does not alter the basic Monolith NPC mesh BUT you must obviously overwrite any other Monolith skins added by other mods (such as the Faction Commander mod).
- These skins/bumps are also compatible with the original SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL, but some of the file names must be changed as follows:
act_stalker_monolith_1 --> act_nauchniy_monolit
act_stalker_monolith_3 --> act_st_exoskel_tank_monolit
(You don't need act_stalker_monolith_2 or 4)
Just be aware that they may not look 100% right because the Monolith gas mask is slightly different in SOC.
- The pre-placed corpses have an odd issue but not really noticeable with the mask visor; the mesh seems to be bugged because it shows both the old style SOC visor AND the "two eye holes" gas mask style. Not sure why. Not a big deal since that only applies to the pre-arranged corpses and nothing else.
- Also, sadly the eyes don't show up in the game since the glass just looks black. Not sure how to get around that (anyone know?)

Please feel free to use these skins/bumps in your own mod or compilation pack, but just give me (and Siro, Jaimie, Reaper) some credit! ;)
Like I said, I think this is what Monolith should have looked like all along, so it would be awesome if these skins would show up in other large mod packs or inspire other modders!

- Taurus aka Blacksun1942

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