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Created: 28.10.2004
Lasd edit: 18.01.2006
Copyright: 2010 Stalker Compendium
Author: Xavier De La Obra ( from France
Version: 1.0



Display the 'Spawn Item' window when F1 key is hit in the main menu of the game.
So you will be able to spawn all the artefacts, outfits, devices, food and drugs, weapon addons, weapons, ammos and PDA infos.

This 'mod' is for now very simple. He just call the 'ui_si.script' from the original datas of the game.
This script was not used because it seem to be a debuging tool...
In a near future I plan to do the same mod for SOC and COP.
I want also make a new 'Spawn Items' dialog with items and weapons name as they are named in the game, with theyre icons displayed on the dialog box.
It will be cool if the future 'Voron' mod can be compatible with a maximum of others mods...
If anyone want to help in any way, it can write me an Email.

You are welcome!


This mod was tested with Stalker Clear Sky version 1.5.10.
I think the mod should work also with past versions of the game...



Unzip everything into your stalker directory.

If you have not used mods before, you will need to open your fsgame.ltx file found in the "program files/thq/Stalker" directory.
Open this file with a text editor and find the following line:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Change the false to true, i.e.:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Copyright/ Legal:

If you plan to mix this little mod with your work, contact me please.
I will be glad to know about and maybe help you!

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