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Inspired by the experience offered by mods like LURK and Complete 2009, Stalker CS Reloaded aims to provide Clear sky as it should be, all, whether the field of graphics, optimization, and the gameplay has been designed to offer the definitive experience of STALKER Clear Sky, the mod is progressing rapidly and with your feedback and comments I hope to soon offer a version 1.0 reference!

I reworked the shaders of the
game from the work implemented by float 32, and some Fix Gosuke, recurring problems observed in DX10 have been corrected, again I redesigned the weather system from the of 2009 to complete a better contrast ratio better calculation of bump-maps

I use textures my extreme mod 1.5 with the "Clear
Sky graphic pack for a total of more than 1,500 new high definition textures, weapons, land, materials, NPCs, besides adding new icons ...

Through the work begun by Argus and artistapvel (including
the "pack creatures living area) the area seems more alive and dangerous than ever, organic textures have never been so close to reality!

(Thanks Argus,Artistpavel, 4ace,and holden )

A wholesale replacement of sounds of
the game was made, according to the best mods of the community, all weapons have new sounds excellent, the Russian voices were added to the recurring dialogue with a view to keep the original atmosphere , Sound effects moods have also
been replaced and new music have been added.

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