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Intended for Clear Sky patches 1.5.05 to 1.5.08
(See manual for my experience using it with 1.5.10)

Contains the following features...

[1] First, there is the comprehensive entity-spawner dialog.

Dynamic, GUI-driven creation of (just about) anything available in the game. Open the main menu, select the item at the bottom and tab to the dialog which has the objects you are interested in, e.g. weapons and ammo, outfits and artefacts, men & monsters, quest items, etc.

You select the object you want and click as many times as you want.

[2] Secondly, there is the zombie-squad scheduling tab

You can decide how many zombies are in your squad, the hit/strike power of the members, where they will first appear and where they will travel to afterwards. You can also choose which quest-line milestone will act as the trigger for your squad to be created. All of this is GUI driven!

[3] TFish Cheats

There are a couple of places in the game that I find really annoying so I have written a few cheats which you can enable or disable if it please you.

i) The first is the Red Forest Gate

Which, with this cheat you can have already opened if you wish

ii) Next is the Agroprom Underground Flood Timer that I find too quick for comfort (but then I am so very, very old.)

This cheat makes it slower and gives you time to shoot the rats and have a look around.

iii) Finally, when you get mugged by Fang and his buddy in the Garbage and have all your belongings blagued right-quick. Later, it is true that you can get your items back, alternatively, you can hide all your swag before you get knocked over. But you can't hide your cash! and after it is stolen, you never see any of it again! This is JUST ANNOYING!

So, I have obtained a charter to instantiate the...

Right Royal Bank of Thingumee.Fish

...where you can deposit or withdraw your cash at any time you like

(or embezzle millions if you prefer)

[4] In addition to the cheats and the two main features, there is also a new artefact type. This is the artefact 'Dogberry' which has many mysterious properties. If, for example, you want to be almost (but not entirely!) invincible, then upgrade a SEVA suit to the full 5 pockets and fill them with Dogberries. You will be able to walk through fire, lightning, radiation and toxic waste, take multiple bullet-strikes without (necessarilly) being killed and what is more, you will have alomost inexhaustable stamina and all the women of the world will love you! There's just one minor problem...

The FISH_SPAWNER packager includes a manual with screenshots and tips.

NOTE THAT: the package also includes my original 'Mechanic Upgrades' mod'ette from a few years ago (which, as best I recall includes the original "Trader Mod" for which I again offer thanks and congratulations to the author.)


All you need to do is in the game root folder, replace "fsgame.ltx" with the one in this package and then drop the "gamedata" folder into place.

The "FISH_SPAWN" package comes with both an SFX which has all the required files and will write them directly to the game folder inside 'Program Files'. IT WILL OVERWRITE ANY EXISTING FILES so be careful if you have other mods already installed. In this case you would be safer using the standard ".ZIP" file and copying or merging by hand.

To uninstall, just remove the 'gamedata' files and replace the original version of "fsgame.ltx"


Please ask me first.

Finally, to those (thankfully) few who still believe that it does, I say to you... 'Fixing a typo doesn't make you the author.' You know who you are and, sincerely, I pity you, you diminish yourselves by such behavior.


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