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( BasixCompletelyDrenched 1.0 ) for ( GSC patch v.1.505 - 1.5.07 )
This is a combination mod of the Following ( Eight ) 8 Mods to make a Dense Darker Rain Drenched Experience :
It combines the Great Textures and gameplay of Stalker Complete along with its Great and vast Spawning System aith the tenasity of Basix GFXm-CS v.2.0 which in its newest version of the Basix mod brings the new all.spawn-based gameplay that puts back in the game the SHOC cut-out monsters: mutant cat, the classic zombie, the fracture, and the burer. Plus the usual NPC Weapons Rebalancing Mod, Environmental GFX Mod, Weapons Expansion Mod, and other features. , with ILurkers Denser darker weather mod to have a Dense Darker and Wet Stalker experience which many have yearned to experience . This combined with All the Flashdrives offered by each Trader , and given the load help of the weight 500 mod , combined with no more fences mod that now allow you to go anywhere you want . I added as a last touch the Stash Filler Mod ,and Random Stashes 1.2 to add a little extra quest incentive to mix each game .
Note :Darker setting will commense after the Stalker begins his second mission .

Stalker Clear_Sky_Complete_v1.1.3_Setup by Artistpavel
Basix GFXm-CS v.2.0 (for GSC patch v.1.505) By natasha8384 | 10.26.08
ilurkers_weather_mod : ilurker's Additional Sunshafts and Weather Pack
Stalker CLEAR SKY - Carry More (v3) Weight Max 500
flash_drive_mod_3.0 : By Satrymax_weight_500 : Author: Lux aka Lux
Stash_Filler mod : Yuki's Micro-Mods: Clear Sky Stash Auto-Filler Micro-Mod
random_stashes_v1.2 : Idea: EggChen / Implementation : nandersen

Credis and Recognition :
Please not that each Readme from each mod i combined in this mod is included to Give you as much info as possible . This mod is a testimony of the work that the Dedicated modders put into each mod to have a wonderful Stalker experience . I merely combined a few good ones togethor , and share no recognition on my part , for all the work that all of these great modders have performed on a grande scale to make stalker Clear Sky a Great Adventure .
This mod is permitted to be used in any combination as they were freely admitted for the same iniative ."This can be used as long as credit is given" to the Author of Each Mod if stated .

Simply extract the zipped file and put the gamedata folder into your main S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder (usually X: -> Program Files -> Deep Silver -> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky). If you've never played any STALKER mods you'll have to adjust the one line below in fsgame.ltx (change false to true; use Notepad) to look like this:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Suggestion: If you already have a working gamedata folder, rename it or move it elsewhere and then install this mod in a clean/empty gamedata folder a likelihood that something will go wrong when casually topping any one mod with another (without carefully merging files) is pretty high .

- exceed the system requirements as specified by GSC
- GSC patch 1.5.05, 1.5.06, 1.5.07 (1.5.04 likely; tested with 1.5.07)
- no other mods in the same gamedata folder

You need to start a new game! The mod is not compatible with previous saves.
Umanfly 11.1.11.

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