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Version fashion : 1.4
Stage of Development : Beta
The required version of the game (patch version):
Developer : New Arabic Team(NATean)
Language : Russian / English

Full Description :

1) added a third-person
2) Redesign of the game screen HUD and inventory;
- The HUD added indicator of the current game time
- The HUD added scale state arms
- The HUD added psy-scale infections and radiation
- The HUD displays information about the content of the resulting cache- Invernar semitransparent
3) A sleeping bag and sleep HS
4) Marching "backpack-cache"
5) Repair of costumes and weapons portable repair kits
6) Dynamic and conventional news
7) "Companions"
8) Intelligence NPC
- "Offline alife" NPC
- "(It) Treatment" NPC
- "Wearing" NPC
- "Gathering" NPC
9) "Marauder-mod"
10) GPS-tags11) Effect of critical injury HS
12) "Interactive" thin suits
13) Blood effects
14) Explosive cartridges with the effect of the gap body
15) Cut the monsters
16) "Part Monster" (with "smart" spawn units)
17) "perepakovschik rounds" (Dunin) in the player's inventory and caches
18) "encapsulated" anomaly (activation of the artifacts)
19) "Cleaning locations"
20) Restored real names and characteristics of weapons
21) A kind of "Faction Commander"


1) Artos
2) OGSM Team
3) OGSE Team
4) AMK Team
5) The ReapeR
6) Sin!
7) ARS Team
8) Cromm Cruac
9) Vergas

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