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Ultra_graphic_mode_v1.1 Mod by Fan and Raff uploaded by aNoN_

This is a modified user.ltx file that setting the game engine to ultra levels.

- Bloom
- improved Bump-Mapping
- R1 Lights
- GI is enabled and tweaked to not causing any slowdowns
- Emulated Temporal Supersampling
- Improved Bump-Mapping
- Improved Parallax-Mapping
- Radiocity
- Refractions
- Better reflections
- Dynamic Sky

v1.1 changes:

The glareness of objects and the ground has been lowered.
HDR and Bloom is adjusted, now the bloom around fires and lights are not so overexposed.
Brightness, gamma and contrast is adjusted.

Just put it in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\STALKER-SHOC and youre good to go. Make sure to make a backup of your old user.ltx file if you encounter problems.

Just delete the user.ltx file and let stalker create a new default one. (I am not sure if that works, i haven't tested that) But please make sure to create a backup of your old ltx file before you replace it with this new one.

Some of you wont like the Dynamic sky and want the original sky, all you do is change r2_ls_bloom_treshold to 5 or 6

If you have questions or suggestions, email me on

Have fun!


Feel free to modify this file. Just if you use this file in a mod you decide to submit to a modding site, please give me the proper credit in your ReadMe file to Fan and Raff.

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