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EnGraphos-mod. v.1.0

Mod is for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl v1.0

========== Description ==========

Finding S.T.A.L.K.E.R. too frustrating?

This mod tries to make you to play more calm.

========== Major features ==========

- Buy almost EVERYTHING from Sid trader(Cordon).
- Have rifles and guns very eficient.
- Have non-degrading x-46 armour and engraphos Weapons.
- Have side-quests without a time limit.
- Be able to carry more [100kg instead of 50kg,but only for the suit x-46 battle armour].
- Customizable weapons, add scopes, silencers and grenade launchers to more weapons.
- More info and accurate weapon stats.
- Better weapons
- Customizable weapons

========== Change ==========

- Added x-46 battle armour suit made by: Moshpit
- Added 9x19mm Beretta 92R select fire made by: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan RV
- Added Super Groza.Giv_em_hell made by:Giv_em_hell
- Added no_time_limit_on_quest_v0.01 made by: PiIsARational
- Added Repair Mod (Eng) v2.4 made by: Shebuka
- Added silent-night-vision made by: xankriegor3
- Added deadeye-dick-mod made by: Underwhelmed

- Added vintorez-engraphos made by: EnGraphos
- Added groza-engraphos modified the rifle to utilize ammo_5.45x39_fmj, ammo_5.45x39_ap, ammo_9x39_pab9, ammo_9x39_sp5, ammo_9x39_ap round, made by: EnGraphos
- Added bereta-engraphos made by: EnGraphos
- Added l85-engraphos made by: EnGraphos
- Added beretta 93R full automatic upgraded by: EnGraphos
- Added colt1911 silenced-engraphos modified to utilize ammo_11.43x23_fmj, ammo_11.43x23_hydro and ammo_9x19_fmj, ammo_9x19_pbp. made by: EnGraphos

- upgrade AKASU uniq, Bes [or another stalker from Bes camp Garbage] is only npc from game with a new powerfull weapon made by EnGraphos (death to bandits!)
- 9x19mm Beretta 93R select fire price has increased to 1000 and aded two new mods fire
- Tunder 5.45 price has increased to 10.000
- Fast-Shooting Akm 74/2 price has increased to 3.000
- x-46 battle armour suit had its price increased to 35.000
- Added at some weapons new descriptions

========== Installation ==========

Extract and place the gamedata folder and fsgame.ltx to (usually):

...C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

***** NOTE *****

I don't have any programming knowledge :)and sorry for my bad english.

========== Credits ==========

--- Thanks to: ---

Underwhelmed for: [deadeye-dick-mod]

Moshpit for: [X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit]

Balnazzar for: Trader Mod v1.1

tvanr for: [weapon changes v1.0]

PiIsARational for: [no_time_limit_on_quest_v0.01]

Shebuka for: [Repair Mod (Eng) v1.0]

Giv_em_hell for: [Super Groza (1.0)]

xankriegor3 for: [silent-night-vision]

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan RV for: [More.Unique.Stuff-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.mod]

Faiakes for: read me files

PilsRational for: Prefetch Tweak Mod (.01)

--- Special thanks ---

>>> niphty from the FileFront forums, who showed me how to mod, from his tutorials.

========== Contents ==========

1. Folder: gamedata -> the mod folder (see Installation)

2. Pictures: various -> screenshots showcasing features of the mod.

========== Guidance ==========

--- Weapons and Armour ---

1. Save your money and make the first thing you buy the Beretta 93r or colt silenced-engraphos.
Then start saving for a proper suit Seva or X-46.Dont go in Garbage without a proper armour.

2. Don't buy absolutely anything (other than bullets) until you can afford the Seva or X-46.

4. After getting the Seva or X-46 start saving for a asault rifle.

5. Once you have these (beretta-engraphos or beretta-93r, groza-engraphos, SEVA suit or X-46 ) you can go Garbage and Agropom.


- I made myself 50000 ru only in Cordon from killing every enemy, men or animal with bereta 93R, and i enjoy the work .

--- Starting ---

Before doing any missions earn (safely) some much needed cash for crucial

1) As soon as you exit the bunker in the beginning of the game, go directly left. It looks like a trash site. Go through the pipe into the centre of it and pick up the 2 Wrenched. To get out, hop your way to the big tank to the left, sprint and jump away without any harm!

2) Search all the houses in your little village, they have some goodies and occasionally even a side-quest item. Keep coming back to check the box near the fire where everyone sits. It gets replenished with some valuable supplies if you are starting into the game.

3) Now talk to Wolf to get your pistol but only do the killing the boars mission. When you do kill the (2) boars break the boxes and get the artefact. You won't get into trouble, easy cash.

4) Head towards the bandits. See that trailer on the left? There are 2 stalkers down next to it (on the side away from the road). Clean up the corpse of the dead stalker. That'll get you at least a med kit. Go to the injured stalker and sacrifice that med kit to help him. It'll benefit you more than simply ignoring him. Now go into the trailer. See a metallic box? Use your knife to break it because it has goodies inside, otherwise you can't get them. Also break the big wooden crates to get a silenced pistol and some essential extra supplies and sell the pistol and ammo.

5) As you have some cash now you should return to the trader, sell only the useless artefacts and buy an extra 20-40 on bullets for your pistol. It should be enough. If not, learn to shoot!

6) You have to help with killing the bandits now. Do it. Then immediately ask Nimble for the item and after that for a job. When that is done you can clean up all the bodies. You'll also get messages about hidden stashes from searching the bodies. Tend to them before going back to the trader if they're not dangerous or if you have enough bullets and med kits.

7) Now you can go back to the trader, sell everything but keep: 9x19mm rounds, food, med kit and the artefacts .

8) Once you have the item Nimble asked you for (it is past the place where you killed the bandits, at the end of the dirt road, into the tunnel, beware of the dogs, stick to the right next to the barbed wire), you'll find him sleeping in the house behind Wolf.

9) After you first set foot at Agroprom, help the Stalkers and save the Mole, don't go down the tunnel. In fact, don't even go to the other complex to get the documents.

10) Instead, explore the entire area. This place is a goldmine, the hills are littered with artefacts and you'll have enough money to buy the FN F2000 and rounds.

--- Quests ---

1. You won't be allowed into Rostok before you get the documents from Agroprom.

2. At Master level, helping Freedom take out the Duty extremists means you cannot return to Rostok nor to Cordon, which also means you'll lose any rewards pending for completed quests there (as well as access to the traders).

--- Artefacts ---

1. Unless you're desperate for bullets never completely sell certain artefacts. Keep at least one of a kind as side-quests tend to repeatedly ask for them. These are: Jellyfish, Meat chunk, Night Star, Moonlight, and Gravi.

2. Also, slain some dogs, fleshes, boars, bloodsuckers, etc? Search their bodies and keep any tails, hoofs , eyes, etc. Keep 2-3 of each as side-quests will often request one or you can actually sell them for good cash too!

3. Remember: giving an artefact as part of a quest will get you more money plus extra items.

--- Financial ---

1. Be constantly checking your PDA. You don't want to be passing by hidden stashes you could have looted or NPCs/items which are part of a quest.

2. Having enough money is possible if you scavenge every single body, take every little quest and pursue every single hidden stash. Do this consistently and you'll always have money :)

========== Bugs ==========

- My mod is work good, i dont discover any game crashes. Could other people confirm this for me? I'd like to know if is something wrong with the mod.

========== Copyright ==========

You may modify it.
You may distribute it.
You may include it into your mods but please credit me & the respective modders (see credits)
You may NOT charge money for it

========== Feedback ==========

You can email me at engraphosATyahooDOTfr

13.08.2007; 10:19

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