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Modified icon file, adding extra weapon, suits, etc.

Something I created for my own mod compilation, to allow different mods icons
to be used (my mod not released as I did not keep details of all "contributors").
I then added in some of the old icons found in archives, and added many extra
unique weapon and armor icons, some with attached grenade launchers, sights, etc.

I think I have credited all those whose icon textures I used.

Extract gamedata folder to Stalker directory, overwrite.
You will then need to work out the x & y co-ordinates when creating unique weapons & armors.

Thanks:- rspeed, DJekman(RUS), Max
Oh and that nice little G.I.M.P program!!

Usage:- Anyone can use this in a compilation, credit would be nice.
Hopefully you guys can use this when creating your own mod.


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