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Readme File:
Author: Quaraxkad
Mod Name: Q's Show Armor Protection
Mod Version: 0.3
Game Version: 1.0004
Date: September 3, 2007

This mod simply modifies the description of each outfit to include the ammount of protection they grant in each category (Burn, Electric Shock, Impact, Rupture, Radiation, Checmical Burn, Explosion, Bulletproof Cap, and Telepathic (multiplayer only). It also shows if the outfit has nightvision (good or bad), and any other special bonuses it may have (added carry weight, increased healing, etc). Now you don't have to buy that expensive armor from a trader and equip it just to find out how it compares to your own outfit.

Change Log:
Version 0.3 - September 3, 2007:
-Fixed Exoskeleton outfit stats, it was missing the carry weight bonus
-Confirmed compatibility with STALKER v1.0004

Version 0.2 - August 20, 2007:
-Added stats for all unique armors
-Added carry weight bonus, health + bleeding recovery bonus, and nightvision stats

Version 0.1 - August 18, 2007:
-First release
-English only
-All non-unique armor now shows protection values

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