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Readme File:
A second version of the Merc Retexture Mod, original readme included below.


- Additional Merc camo texture added, replacing the basic "boiler suit" texture.
- Merc SEVA now based on Monolith, as the chest pockets match the basic Merc look.
- Adjusted icons to reflect these changes included (inc Ecologist mod option).

Original Readme:

A small mod I added to my own game after a "friendly fire" incident, to create
a visible difference between Mercs and my Eco's. This retextures Mercs to have a
dirty grey look, and includes all adjusted icons. This also adds in some extra
variation amongst Mercs, a tiger striped Merc suit is added to the standard plain
boiler suit type. Please see screenshot.

Originally intended as an add on pack for the Ecologist Faction mod, but I have
included two seperate sets of icons. The mod can be used by those running with or
without the Eco mod. If using Eco mod just install this, then overwrite with the
optional set of icons.

Namayu - I used his excellent Tiger Stripe suit as a base for one of the suits.
DJekman(RUS) - Marked One Freedom SEVA icon, which I modified to create blue SEVA.

Everyone on the forums, where I learnt to do basic mesh editing.

Anyone can use this in a compilation, credit would be nice.

This will work on patch 1.0004 or 1.0005, no new game required.


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