Mod: No More Fences 1.0
This mod from dez0wave removes fences and the map restrictions so you can go anywhere you want.
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  Posted: 27.10.2008   Supporters: n/a
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By jspcrepair (I just got here) on Jun 04, 2011
Although it was a good idea and a nice try, this MOD does not work when you need to walk across a platform made of wire or grid-work.

In Rostok, there is a "Stash" located on the roof of a building near the "Construction Site" that you get to by passing a boxcar, walking onto a "Grid-work Porch", and then up a wooden and Grid-work ramp.

Because this MOD removes all fencing and wire-work, you FALL through the porch and the ramp.

You also cannot walk onto ANY scaffolds or balconies that are made of Grids because you fall through the grid-work to the ground.

Example: Balconies at the rear of the Garbage Building. When you walk out onto the balcony, you fall right through to the ground below.

Nice try though and it did work great for out in the Zone. It was nice to be able to get around without having to work through a maze of fences and you could go well beyond the "off-limits" areas in the Zone.

It needs a bit of work though for the Grid-work porches, ramps, and balconies.