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||| No More Fences minimod for shadow of chernobyl 1.0 by dez0wave

||| version: 1.0
||| patch compatiblity: for all shoc patches
||| this mod is dedicated to Tejas Slacker (twilight zone)

||| What is this?

This little modification removes the barbwire fences, some steel fences, and invisible (fake obj) walls around levels, so you can go anywhere you want on the actual map without restrictions. It is compatible with any mod, that does not alter the files in the mod. Maybe it would have been wiser to release it last year, when it was interesting to go thru the level boundaries somehow in shoc, maybe it can still make some fun for a while. Easy to merge with any type of mods out here.

||| installation:

1. unpack the gamedata to your stalker installation
2. edit fsgame.ltx as usual with other mods (game_data line true|true)
3. run the game, and enjoy

Note: no need to start new game for this to take effect

||| credits:
GSC Gameworld and dez0wave team

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