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Atlas (Spawn Menu) Mod 1.0
By: Helios (

Compatibility of Mod:

-Works with any game version of SHoC + other modifications.
-NO new game required, works with any saved game.

What is it? Atlas Mod is a collection of scripts for spawning artifacts, armour, weapons, ammo, quest items, monsters, and stalkers. Everything else is either for the cut-out monsters or the menu.

How does it work? Atlas Mod is enabled through the main menu. If items are spawned, they will go directly inside Strelok's inventory. If a monster/stalker is spawned, it will spawn according to the co-ordinates you enter into the location console included in the menu. If you don't enter anything, it will spawn right near you.


1) After downloading the mod, place the gamedata folder inside SHoC's main directory. Usually it is C:Program FilesTHQS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl.

2) Run SHoC.

3) Either start a new game or load a saved game.

4) Press ESC while in-game.

5) Press F2 in the main menu. The main menu will close immediately and the Spawn Menu will be brought up.

6) If you want to spawn items, simply click the button of the items you want to spawn. For an NPC, enter co-ordinates into the location console in the middle of the menu. The four directions you can spawn a monster/stalker is north, south, east, and west. If you're confused, refer to the PDA map (Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is always North) for directions. You only have to enter the first letter of the direction, so "N" for north, "S" for south, "E" for east, and "W" for west. Hint: Use the phrase "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" to remember the compass, because it goes clockwise. Then enter a number to indicate the number of units you would like to offset by from Strelok. Remember, the direction and number have to be seperated by a comma. Examples: (N,10), (e,50), (S,2), etc.

7) Having entered the co-ordinates in the location console, click the NPC you want to spawn.

8) That's it! Either items have been spawned in your inventory or an NPC according to given co-ordinates. REMEMBER: To return to the game from the Spawn Menu, either by clicking button "Quit" or pressing ESC.

Known Bugs: If you spawn an NPC on a weird place, like a fence or tree, the game WILL crash/freeze. This is because monsters/stalkers are not configured to walk there! Only spawn them on the ground, roofs, watch-towers, etc. If an NPC is not being spawned, this means you're trying to spawn it inside a wall or water. Simply change the co-ordinates. If the game crashes while loading or under stress of many spawned entities, I cannot fix it because SHoC is unstable by itself.

Contents of Item Buttons:

1 = All artifacts.
2 = All armors.
3 = All weapons.
4 = Pistol ammo: 50*9x18 pmm, 50*9x18 fmj, 50*11.43x23 hydro, 50*11.43x23 fmj.
5 = Shotgun ammo: 25*12x70 buck, 25*12x76 dart, 25*12x76 zhekan. Also here is 75*9x19 pbp, 75*9x19 fmj.
6 = Assault rifle ammo: 75*5.45x39 ap, 75*5.45x39 fmj, 75*5.56x45 ss190, 75*5.56x45 ap, 75*9x39 ap, 75*9x39 pab9, 75*9x39 sp5.
7 = Sniper ammo: 25*7.62x54 7h14, 25*7.62x54 7h1, 25*7.62x54 ap. Also here are 25 Gauss rounds.
8 = Grenades: 5*rgd5, 5*f1, 5*gd-05(SMOKESCREEN! YAY!). Also here are 5*og-7b, 5*vog-25p, 5*vog-25, 5*m209 grenades.
9 = Supplies: 10 x bandages, 2 x regular medkits, 2 x scientific medkits, 2 x army medkits, 5 x antirad, 2 x bread, 2 x sausage, 2 x canned food, 2 x vodka, 5 x energy drinks.
0 = Misc. and quest items: This category is experimental simply because I included everything here that I couldn't fit into other categories. Everything from a harmonica to monster parts is included here, so try it out for yourself.

NOTE: I tried to balance the ammo in relatively small quantities. If you are not happy with this, change "ui_atlas.ltx" using Notepad. This goes for other items as well.

Regarding Other Mods:

I choose to make Atlas Mod separate from any modifications for the sake of realism and in order for the player to customize the game as they see fit. If you want to add more to your gaming experience, I recommend these mods:

1) Weight mod.
2) Trader mod.
3) Any kind of AI Improvement.
4) No boundary mod.

Just remember to correctly add the scripts into the gamedata folder, since they can rewrite themselves.

Current Progress:

-Working to graphically make the menu better/easier to navigate. Already done with basic tables for items, making them seperate.
-Rebalancing ONLY cut-out mutants.
-Spawning stashes or dynamic objects such as crates. Working on spawning anomalies now.

Removal: Simply remove the downloaded files in the gamedata folder. Atlas Mod does not contain any custom textures, files, or sounds. Everything is taken from the game.

ASK me before use in other modifications.

Have fun, and don't forget to leave feedback (or check progress) at the official GSC Forums in the Mod Discussion section!

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