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Author: 300000

Readme File:
Add new icons actor and equipment (full set icons, description and etc. In English and russian version!)

6 Exoskeletons: mercenary, DUty, Freedom, Monolith, damage and Mk1.
3 Scientific suit: Monolith, Freedom and mercenary.
Black and Brown raincoat, Skat9 (green military_stalker) and Skat9M ( black military_stalker), simple soldier armor.

Mod includes 3 icons from Lexx_antigaz_Mod (;78004) Autor: Stefan "Lexx"
2Lexx, big respect!

Install: Extract archiv into you S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder and it should work.
New outfits portioned on corresponding to traders(seller), with probability to 10-80%.

Testing by eng ver. game 1.0005
Include type from outside party.
Get up in file user.ltx (C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsSTALKER-SHOC) , following lines, after line "unbindall" (use notepad) and save:

bind cam_1 kF1
bind cam_2 kF2
bind cam_3 kF3

Then you can switch the camera with F1 - F3.


Note: Remember, that the original author was DJekman. Thank for him! I just made it compatible with 1.0005.

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