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Author: quicksilver1203

Readme File:
STALKER Enhancement v0.9beta (STALKER improved)
for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl v1.0006 (could work with older versions)

This is my first released mod.
I am sorry if my English sucks and want to thank you for trying out my mod.

Just copy the fsgame.ltx file, gamedata folder and every subfolder and files inside to the STALKER main directory (usually C:Program FilesTHQS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl)
This mod is not made to be compatible with other mods so I strongly suggest that you back up your gamedata folder if you have any mods already installed.
Not sure if you need to start a new game, probably not.

#Features and characteristics#
Barman (Barkeep) sells the best things and
- Geiger counter
- Detector of anomalous and radioactive fields
The first detector can not be seen in the inventory so you need to sell it and then buy a new one.
- Binoculars
- Knife
- Screw
- Flashlight
- All five (5) documents from Lab X18. Costs 1RU.
The Vanilla version you get only the fourth, but now in your PDA you can read all about the experiments.
All you need to do is to buy the documents from a dealer and after if you want to sell it, throw away or set on fire: D

The first seven devices are those that you normally have with you but do not appear.
With this mod you can attach them on the belt so that the reality is at a higher level.
Possibility of attaching psy-helmet to the belt (maybe unlogical but it it here).
16 slot on the belt to place artefacts too.
Changed inventory icons for weapons, energy drinks (non-stop), etc. to make them look like the items ingame.

Weapons, armors, items, equipment, etc.:
My weapons and armors: more weapons may have plug-ins - scope, grenade, silencer; armor and weapons are balanced.
My descriptions of armors, weapons, items, equipment, etc.
My armors textures: added faction logos.
Textures of weapons taken from the Clear Sky for realistic display of weapons in relation to the Vanilla version.

Included mods:
Gnomus scope mod for reallistic scopes. Author: Gnomus
Dunin ammo mod for the number of ammunition in the box (before it was varying, now it is constant - how many ammo in clip, so many in the box). Author: Dunin
Radio mod for more songs on the radio in the 100 Rads bar and megaphone. Author: Theophagy
Satellite map mod for gray-blue satellite map of the Zone. Author: Silenzio

#Future versions#
In the next version trader's goods will be either universal (Sidorovich, Barkeep); or special, defined by fraction or profession (Sakharov, Petrenko, Skinflint).
Perhaps I will release another version with improved pricing at the merchants if you do not like current one.

Traders for the next version:
Russian rifles, snipers, SPAS12, Winchester 1300, Duty armors, some pistols and artefacts, army/science medkit, antirad, canned food ...
NATO rifles, snipers, SPAS12, Winchester 1300, Freedom armors, some pistols and artefacts, army/science medkit, antirad, canned food ...
SEVA suit, SSP-99 suit, SSP-99M suit, snipers, SPAS12, Winchester 1300, L85, LR300, Abakan, Groza, some pistols and artefacts, army/science medkit, antirad, canned food ...
SEVA suit, Exo suit, Military suit, Stalker suit, LR300, SG550, G36, Abakan, Groza, Val, snipers, SPAS12, Winchester 1300, some pistols and artefacts, army/science medkit, antirad, canned food ...
Sawn-off shotgun, AK74, AK74U, MP5, L85, Merc suit, Monolith suit, some pistols and artefacts, army/science medkit, antirad, canned food ...

I did not make following mods: Gnomus scope mod, Dunin ammo mod, Radio mod, Satellite map mod.
Someone else did them and I do not claim any rights to them.
Full credits goes to the real authors of these mods and they are listed after the desciription of the mods.
Gnomus and Silenzio says just to credit them which I did, and For Dunin and Theophagy I have no contact information but they are also credited.
If someone else believes I did not credit them for their mod included here, please contact me with some proof and I will be glad to properly credit you.

#Known issues#
Bolt can not be bought.
Belt is not well positioned.
If someone knows how to fix these issues or if you find any more bugs please contact me.

e-mail: (just paste it, don't bother to understand, it's serbian :D)

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