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Author: Autologic

Readme File:
-- UI & HUD Overhaul 1.5 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl -- April 21, 2009


If this is the first mod you are using, open fsgame.ltx in notepad and at the gamedata line change both variables to true (one of them is already true).

Extract the gamedata folder to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl game directory and overwrite all files.


This mod completely changes the UI and HUD of the game. Changes the game's HUD, inventory, trading, and looting screens, for normal monitors. Also, anomalies now have their own individual post-processing effects for each type of anomaly, and the radiation effects are a lot clearer than with vanilla SoC. The nightvisions have been replaced with better ones from Clear Sky. Whenever you get a new objective, or complete one, a news item will temporarily pop up and give you more information. Also whenever you get information for a stash, a news item will pop up and tell you which level it's on(esc = Escape A.K.A. Cordon, gar = Garbage, etc.), aswell as some more info. If you play with a different mod that has cars in it(Oblivion Lost 2.2 or something), you now get a car condition bar to see how much damage your car can take before exploding. Some people may not want this, so the option to disable it is in the #options folder.
If you play with a widescreen monitor, some features may not work. This is because I do not have a widescreen monitor, so I can't test it. It is compatible with any other mod, but it will overwrite changes other mods make to the HUD and UI. It has been tested on 1.0005 and should work with any other patch. If you play with Oblivion Lost 2.2, you will notice the HUD is similar, but there are four major additions to the HUD; a stamina bar, an ammo icon, a compass, and a PDA contacts counter.


This mod is made by me, Autologic. Some parts of this mod are derived from:

SoC 1154 HUD mod 1.3 by Darius6
ABC INFERNO by Russo aka Cabrobro/speed
InGameCC mod by Mr. Fusion, TSL16b, Macron
Additional Nightvisions + Anomaly Effects v1.5 by imperialreign
Natural English Language Mod 1.0 for Oblivion Lost 2.2 by elgen
Zone Reclamation Project 1.05 r11 RC1 by bardak, NatVac
PRIBOI STORY 1.1 by dez0wave team
Photorealistic Zone by Argus
OL2.0 Minimal Hud by Atrocious

Two nightvisions and the anomaly post-processing effects have been replaced with updated, better quality versions from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, made by GSC Game World.

If I used part of your mod and you aren't listed here, then I must have forgot your name. Please contact me and I'll add it.


- Fixed ui_hud.xml
- Moved Compass
- Edited Compass Texture
- Cleaned Up HUD Textures
- Added PDA Contacts Counter
- Added New PDA Contacts Counter Sounds
- Added Option To Disable PDA Contacts Counter
- Added Less Headbobbing From ZRP(effectors.ltx)
- Moved Car Condition Bar
- Added 4 More Artifact Spots For Mods With Possibilities Of Up To 16 Artifacts On Belt
- Moved Artifact Belt
- Improved Widescreen Compatibility
- Updated ModdingNotes.txt

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