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Author: quicksilver1203

Readme File:
STALKER Enhancement update to v1.2

for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl v1.0005 or later with STALKER Enhancement v1.0 installed.

I am sorry if my English sucks and want to thank you for trying out my mod.

Just copy the fsgame.ltx file, gamedata folder and every subfolder and files inside to the STALKER main directory (usually C:Program FilesTHQS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl)
I strongly suggest that you back up your gamedata folder if you have any other mods already installed.
Not sure if you need to start a new game, probably not.

-=Features and characteristics=-
Balanced (and increased) weapons and outfit condition decrease rate.
Improved some textures (minor updates, may not be visible, but they are there).
Trader's merchandise now depends on your progress with main missions.
Calibrated scopes and reticles mod is optional if you don't like or don't want Gnomus' scopes. It can be found in CalibratedScopes folder.
Light has further range.
Belt now has 20 slots.
Note for text bellow: equiped in slot = can be used via hotkey (knife, binoculars, light)
Flashlight, binoculars, PDA, knife and detector which are equiped in slot (not belt but their own slot) are only shown in trade screen.
To equip/unequip an item from it's slot you need to buy/sell it or move from/to chest.
To equip a better detector first sell the old one then buy the new one.
You can put their duplicates, which will be shown in the inventory, to the belt to make it look like you equiped them.
They all weight 0 kg so no worries about unnecessary weight.
The bolt can only be purchased from Sidorovich.
The knife and binoculars can be dropped when equiped by using "drop weapon" command (default: G) and can be picked up without crashing the game.
Important/Attention: When one of above items is not equiped and it is on belt do not use the "move to slot" command via right-click menu or the game will crash.

Included mods:
Gnomus scope mod - reallistic scopes. Author: Gnomus
Dunin ammo mod - changes the number of ammunition in the box (before it was varrying, now it is constant - how many ammo in the clip, so many in the box). Author: Dunin
Radio mod - more songs on the radio in the 100 Rads bar and megaphone. Author: Theophagy
Satellite map mod - gray-blue satellite map of the Zone. Author: Silenzio
Harmonica mod - NPCs can now play harmonica too. Author: Gordon-X
Calibrated scopes and reticles mod - realistic and calibrated scopes. Author: PieJesu
Weather overhaul mod - improved nights, rain, added fog, etc. Author: TheVoodoo
Rules of engagement mod - tweaked NPC vission distance and player's probability of being seen. Author: KoGar
Repair mod - Sidorovich, Barman, Sakharov and Screw can repair your weapons and outfit. Author: Shebuka
Show reward mod - before you take a task, it's reward are shown, so you'll know if the task is worth it's reward. Author: Onionradish

-=Future versions=-
Probably none. Yup this is basically final version. Perhaps some tweaks and/or bug fixes.

I did not make following mods:
Gnomus scope mod,
Dunin ammo mod,
Radio mod,
Satellite map mod,
Calibrated scopes and reticles mod,
Weather overhaul mod,
Rules of engagement mod,
Repair mod,
Show reard mod.
Someone else made them and I do not claim any rights to them.
Full credits goes to the real authors of these mods and they are listed after the desciription of the mods.
If someone else believe I did not credit them for their mod included here, please contact me with some proof and I will be glad to properly credit you.

Gnomus for Scopes mod
Dunin for Ammo mod
Theopagy for Radio mod
Silenzio for Map mod
Gordon-X for Harmonica mod
PieJesu for Scopes mod
TheVoodoo for Weather mod
KoGar for Engagement mod
Shebuka for Repair mod
Onionradish for Show reward mod

-=Known issues=-
Currently none.
If you find any issues or bugs please contact me.

This mod and/or its parts can be used as long as its authors (people credited and myself) are properly credited.


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