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Author: L.U.R.K. Team

The L.U.R.K. team wants to provide the best possible experience for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

This mod was founded and being developed from the 4chan /v/ and /k/ community.

* Stealth A.I. - The conditions have changed in the zone. Sneaking around undetected is now a key element to your success. The pacifist often makes away unscathed, however that doesn't mean you can't use your sneaking sense to your advantage in battle.
* Light Detection Parameters - What was thought to be impossible by even the highest tier programmers is now a reality. NPC light visibility threshold and fine tuned light parameters for every weather cycle brings Stalking a whole new meaning.
* Accurate Sound Detection - Stalkers can rest easy, for the sound of their knives cutting the air will no longer alert all the bandits in a 3 mile radius. Audible sound detection is a real factor in sneaking. Credit to ImperialReign for properly .ogg commented files

* Balanced Economy - Merchants aren't around for shits and giggles anymore, you'll use them, or regret you didn't. You know why you're in the zone, you're here to live amongst the trade and profit from the scientific expeditions and collections in the mutated zone. Collecting artifacts, mutant parts, and protection is imperative to your success more then ever.
* Broad Array of Improved Weapons - Utilizing improved animations and orientations more comparable to real world handling, and corresponding placement according to a linear difficulty and improvement curve to better enhance the experience. Credit to Arsenal team for the compiled weapon models
* Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - Rendering accurate ambient light reflecting off of objects and surfaces, proving a rich sense of depth. Credit to SKY4CE for the ported shader base
* Dynamic Randomized Weather Patterns - With each hour of each cycle fine-tuned to be as visually appealing and realistic as possible. Credit to Trojanuch for a porting the randomized weather from Clear Sky

* Enhanced Textures and Detail - Consisting of resources from Clear Sky, such as grass sprites, textures, as well as unique detail authored from our team, such as player model textures, and ground bump-mapping. Credit to GSC for resources from Clear Sky (Note that the image linked in this description isn't representative of the final product)

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