Mod: Relations, Traders, and Weapons (V1.0)
This mod is a mod compilation of many mods, but most notably Sgt Kelly's Mod and Emporikon Mod.

Sgt Kelly's Mod adds a few new weapons, and adds new sounds. Emporikon makes the traders sell more things, like AKs, etc.

This mod was in beta at FileFro
  File Name: Relations, Traders, and Weapons     Author: deeb97
  File Size: 53.62 MB   Files Added: 1
  Downloads: 3,970 (2 last week)   Author Downloads: 3,970 (2 last week)
  Posted: 21.10.2009   Supporters: 0 (+1 Add)
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By fredyzg (SI Core) on Dec 08, 2009
Very good!
By IamtheKira (SI Newbie) on Apr 07, 2010
Can i just extract the whole file to my stalker soc director or will that not work?
By deeb97 (SI Newbie) on Apr 08, 2010
@lamtheKira: Just extract the file to your Stalker dir.

If it's your fist mod, open up fsgame.ltx in the Stalker dir. and change the "false" line at the part where it says "gamedata" to "true."

Hope you enjoy :)
By IamtheKira (SI Newbie) on Apr 08, 2010
well i extracted and changed the fsgame thing and idt its working
By deeb97 (SI Newbie) on Apr 08, 2010
@lamtheKira: Good to hear.