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Relations, Trader Items, and Sgt. Kelly Mod, Beta V1.1
Compatible with 1.0004 ONLY. 1.0005 and 1.0006 caused many crashes when loading.

Made fully-compatible with Shadow of Chernobyl, Patch 1.0004.

*CHANGE LOG FROM 1.02 TO 1.03*
Added Particle Enhancement 3
Removed 2 mods
Re-organized the DV-2 knife folder for easier install
Full fix on Sidorovich not talking

*CHANGE LOG from V1.0 to V1.02*
Added a few new mods (listed below)
Fixed a few typos

Credit goes to:
Isilidur for Real Reputation Mod, V 1.0
Athanasios for Emporikon Mod, V 1.3
Sergeant_Kelly for Sgt Kelly's Mod, V 1.2
gosuke for Gosuke Weapon Mod 5, V 1.0
gosuke for Weapon Mod (FN P90, PKM), V 1.02
chazbot for Weapon Histories, V 1.1
Siro_Dracosin for Siro's Tactical Pistolet Makarova Mod, V 1.1
Siro_Dracosin for Siro's Ultimate AKS-74 Pack, V 1.0
Siro_Dracosin for Siro's Hunting Saiga-12C, V 1.1
^Thanks to the original creators: BarbAn, tambovski,
lez0, S_Cream_Err, Fantom_Oblivion, gunsolver (Amaraldo).
More thanks to OL's Darius6 for the firing sounds.
Bergatroll for G36 Bundeswehr Reskin, V 1.0
Bergatroll for G36 Crosshair, V 1.0
BosnisHazard for DV-2 Spetsnaz Knife, V 1.0
EggChen for Particle Enhancement 3
^Thanks also to: Darius6, Shadow_State, GoodOlVladwick, zombiedinosaur,
Wolfehunter, taito_11, Allianxor, Dezodor, Gr1ph00n, Marco_M, Marteen Dee,
Kanyhalos, Natace, Don Reba, Atrocious, Kain!, Skullhunter, A Lone Hobo,
Silverpower, BAC9-FLCL, Decane, Claysoft'65, M0ldym1LK, Serensius,
Lucian04, Tejas Slacker, Utility, Harmont, and Nightwatch.
**I only merged these mods, all thanks to them**

>>>If this is your game's first mod, you will need to:
1. Find the "fsgame.ltx" in the Stalker directory (Shadow of Chernobyl
and Clear Sky have these).
2. At the top, you will see a line that says "gamedate" and after that it
will say "false". Change this to "true" (NO QUOTATION MARKS!)
3. Save and quit!
1. Extract the .zip to anywhere you like.
2. Put the "gamedata" folder in the Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl directory.

Simply delete the "gamedata" folder. I tried my best to make a simple
mod, which all in all, I did.

NOTE: You MUST start a new game for the mods to take effect.

This mod combines five powerful mods, Real Reputation, Emporikon Mod, Sgt Kelly's Mod, and two
weapon mods from the modder gosuke.

Real Reputation will have lower-ranked AI like you more if your rank is low,
and higher-ranked AI will like you more if you're higher ranked. --- Mod Maker: Isilidur

Emporikon Mod adds more items to Traders, such as AKs and Obokans (some 5.56 weapons)
to traders, like Sidorovich, etc. --- Mod Maker: Athanasios

Sgt Kelly's Mod adds many new weapons, such as a less-functioning Gauss Rifle
and FN-2000, which can be bought from the Scientists in Yantar. It also features
real weapon names. --- Mod Maker: Sergeant_Kelly

Gosuke Weapon Mod 5 adds a Sturm Ruger GP100 and allows you to sprint with the
SVU and SVD. --- Mod Maker: gosuke

Weapon Mod (FN P90, PKM) adds a P90 SMG, and a LMG PKM.
^However, I put this in the "OPTIONAL Mods" folder.^ --- Mod Maker: gosuke

Siro's Tactical Pistolet Makarova Mod re-does the Makarov in-game, making it
slightly more effective, while giving it a brand new skin. --- Mod Maker: Siro_Dracosin

Siro's Hunting Saiga-12C adds a Russian semi-automatic shotgun to the game. --- Mod Maker: Siro
Dracosin, full credits at top.

G36 Bundeswehr Reskin reskins the G36 (GP 37 in-game) to look
like the one that is in service in the German Bundeswehr (German Police). --- Mod Maker: Bergatroll

G36 Crosshair reskins the crosshair to be more authentic, and closer
to what the real one looks like. --- Mod Maker: Bergatroll

Weapon Histores adds detailed histories to weapons and bullets. --- Mod Maker: chazbot

Particle Enhancement 3 adds more particle effects to the game, along with adding a few new
ones, such as a new RPG-7 explosion, and many other things.

I got permission, or the modders allow their mods to be used in compilations,
from the makers of the mods above. All thanks to them.

You may modify this, reupload (only when you modify it can you reupload), and use this in other mod
compiles. However, you MUST NOT sell this. This is a FREE mod. You will also have to give credit to
me, deeb97, if you reupload this or use it in a mod compile. Enjoy!

This weapon may or may not be compatible with total conversion mods, like
Oblivion Lost or Priboi Story. It should be, however, compatible with mods
like Sky4CE Graphics Mod, as it is only for graphics.

I added a folder to this mod that allows you to add one mod at a time,
so if you don't want a certain mod, just select the one(s) you want
from the folder.

If you have a question, request, or found a bug/crash, contact me at or leave a comment on the FileFront
page for the mod. If I do not reply, or some one else does not in 3
days, try contacting me at the email above.

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