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The goal of this texture pack is to improve overall sharpness and texture quality in the game. All areas have unique look and feel with slightly different foliage textures for each of them.

For example Yantar is completely dead area, Agroprom institute surroundings are lush and green. Red forest trees have the strange genetic mutation that makes the trees reddish. Dark valley is already touched by the same disease as Red Forest
with everything looking rotten.


This texture pack contains edited vanilla textures of ground and foliage. It also contains few textures from Argus texture pack.

All the textures in the pack has been sharpened. This include gradual sharpening of separate MIP map levels in every texture. The benefit is that the usually blurred MIP maps are still sharp as they fade into distance. This results in overall sharpness
of the image.

Ground texture MIP maps has been edited manually to add more features visible in the distance.

This texture pack also includes new grass textures, sligtly different for each level to add some variety.
It also contains new tree and bush textures.

There are 3 different texture resolution options: default, high and ultra

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