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for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Author: Meltac (C) 2011

This small mod adds dynamic depth of field (DOF) as well as zoom DOF in r2 render mode (dynamic lighting). It is built onto STALKER Shaders MAX 1.2 by Kingo64, which is built on Sky4Ace shaders, which incorporated DOF only for long distances, and statically.

This mod is compatible with 98% of other mods and is highly recommended.

Main Features:

Near DOF: Unlike in the original shaders from Sky4Ace, not only objects far away but also those to which you are very close will be blurred (when you don't focus them).
Full Dynamic DOF ("auto-focus"): The depth effect depends on your target distance, meaning that objects which are further away or much closer than those you are focusing will be blurred - the way your digital camera does it in auto-focus mode. This effect is well-known from Stalker CoP and other newer games.
Zoom DOF: When zooming in weapon aim mode (with or without scope), the regions further away from the screen center will be continuously blurred, like in other games (e.g. Far Cry 2). This effect was requested long ago by the community but so far nobody had found a way to realize it because it can't be done by shaders only but needs some scripting.
Alternative blur algorithms: In addition to the classic method by Sky4Ace, a simple gaussian blur algorithm is provided to incorporate the intended depth effect. Users may choose which one to have the work done (using a console setting).
Heavy configurable: All the above effects may be deactivated or adjusted to your favor (check shaders/r2/ShaderSettings.txt).

Compatibility with other mods:

Tested with patch 1.0005 and 1.0006
Works only with dynamic lighting / r2 render mode
Doesn't work in combination with any other shader mod; however, should be easily merged into Sky4Ace shaders.
Should work besides that with any other mod; however merging of the bind_stalker.script file might be required.

Usage & Credits:

You may use, modify, and deploy this mod as long as you are giving credit to the authors:

Kingo64 for the original STALKER Shaders MAX 1.2 mod (which in turn is a shader compilation; see those authors)
Meltac for this dynamic depth of field shader additions.

Many thanks to everybody who helped developing this mod, especially those awesome modders at GSC forums!

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