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This is basically the ultimate shader mod. It is a compilation of effects from EVERY shader mod and has been insanely optimised to give improved performance. These shaders also give a higher-frame rate than vanilla and much higher than Sky4CE's shader mod. The easiest way of looking at the optimisation is "Pluck all the hairs from your body to minimise drag before you go competitive swimming. Except your eyebrows because then you would look like a tool." That means there is absolutely no graphical disadvantages in anyway and the performance is astounding in comparison to other available shader mods.

This mod is compatible with 95% of other mods and is highly recommended.

A list of features include:

Parallax Occlusion Mapping (Sky4CE)
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (Sky4CE)
Depth of Field (Sky4CE)
Dynamic Depth of Field (Meltac)
Sun Shafts (Sky4CE)
Shadow Jittering (LURK)
Saturation/Contrast Filter (LURK)
Custom Shadow Map Resolution (Kingo64)
Forceable Motion Blur (Kingo64)
Float32 2.0 Mod (Float32 Team)

All of these shaders were originally based on Sky4CE SkyGRAPGICS v2.0 RC4.1 and Stalker Forever Water Shaders v1.0, Float32 2.0 combined with the shaders that come with LURK 1.0552.

Step 1. FSGame.ltx
If you have not used a mod before in STALKER it is required that you enable the game data folder. To make this happen, look inside your STALKER root directory and you will find a file called fsgame.ltx. Open it up and it should be the second line you need to edit. It will appear (If you haven't edited it before) like this:

$game_data$ = false|true|$fs_root$|gamedata This is telling the game to ignore everything and just read the game files in the database archives. We need to change that. Change that line to appear as:

$game_data$ = true|true|$fs_root$|gamedata Now it will load any files you have in the gamedata folder instead of the same named files in the databases. Simple? Save and exit.

Step 2. Extracting

Extract the shader folder into your STALKER gamedata folder. If a shader folder already exists, delete it to ensure compatibility.

Step 3. Setting up

Make your way to gamedatashadersr2 and locate a file called "ShaderSettings.txt". From there you can enable and disable all the features included in the mod. Remember, there are many features that are disabled by default which you can activate yourself.

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