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Loners spend years in The Zone trying to scrape enough rubles together to return to society rich, rather than in a week or so, for a reason. Stalking is hard, and the Marked One is going to have to struggle and loot for every ruble he makes, because nobody is going to give him any more than they can help.

All trader buy rates overhauled.
All trader sell rates overhauled.
All trader supplies adjusted.
All Quest reward rates overhauled.
Weapon and armor costs adjusted.
Weapon and armor degradation rates overhauled.
Weapon and armor repair costs overhauled.
Marked One's hunger and healing rates overhauled.
Amount of food and medicine dropped by enemies adjusted.
Fellow Stalkers' buy and sell rates adjusted.
Weapons better implemented, including functional descriptions and entries for the PKM and its ammo.

Backup folder included in case you're a giant baby and need your old AMK settings back in an instant.

You'll still be more than capable of getting "that" ending if you so desire, or if you're naturally inclined to scour the zone for artifacts, loot every stash for cash, and never spend a single ruble.

But it isn't going to be something you stumble into by accident. Becoming rich on your own is hard. Work for it, or simply work to survive in such a harsh economic Zone. Good luck, Stalker.

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