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This Modpack only works correct with widescreen-monitors! 4:3 patch is planned!
Only tested in max details on full dynamic lightning in v1.0005!
There might be undiscovered bugs!

Integrated Mods:
PHL MODPACK as a base
Absolute Nature
Absolute Structures
New Hands and Gloves
New Interface
New MP5 Skin
New MP5 Animation
New L85 Skin & Animation
Mossberg590 (as a new weapon)
Gnomus Scopes

Extras from me:
New mainmenu
New mainmenu music
New loadingscreen
New radiosounds in the 100rad's bar (Rammstein-extracts including a part of "Rosenrot")
Fixed a bug from PHL Modpack causing a crash in bar
Adjusting some weapons don't remember exactly
And some little changes...

Known bugs:
It can happen that a character won't talk to you.
-->Quicksave & Load helps
L85A2 aim isn't correct
-->Will fix it as soon as i have time for it

Anyway, if you find a bug please report and I'll try to fix it!

Credits only to:
PHL (PHL Modpack)
Cromm Cruac (Absolute Nature, Absolute Structures)
Kingo64 (Shaders MAX)
piterrrxd (Loadingscreens)
Marco_M (Hands and Gloves)
Sclera (Interface & Anomalysounds)
WhatPayne (Rookieskins)
Teh Snake (MP5 Skin)
KingFriday (MP5 Animation)
Milo - Model Twinke Masta - Texture King Friday - Animations King Friday/Strelok - Sounds ZekaKorneev(RUS) - Compile.(L85a2)
Mr.Jackal, KingFriday (Mossberg590)
Gnomus (Gnomus Scopes)

If I forgot someone contract me in the comments beloooow.

Adding more weapons

Have Fun

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