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- Winter in the Zone
- Amended and some "shaved" hud
- No need to start with the main story line (at Sidorowicz doors arestill open)
- New main menu
- Modified the properties of artifacts + added "light"
- Added activation artefakt's
- Added anomaly detectors
- Ability to repair equipment and weapons from dealers
- Widzienia angle increased to 90 degrees (Option added in the Bin folder)
- Added exo bandit

- Unlocked TOZ-34
- Added some weapons from the mod TS2
- NPC's are in EQUIPMENT accessories for weapons
- New weapons + texture animation
- You can have two "heavy" weapons (known style of CoP)

- Improved AI (throwing grenades, therapy, search, etc.)
- It is better to excel even at the level of "Novice"
- They can kill a good shot
- Hiding and over lap and surround the enemy

Mutants, Zombi:
- Now, more mutants will give a hard time, they know how to think better
- Zombie also has a brain, he can shoot

- New weapon sounds
- New ambient sounds
- New music in the bar (unfortunately not Anthem Stalkers, just different)
The game was made in patch 1.004-1.006

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