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Another thing I worked on was balancing armor, which when originally implemented was only half-done, and I am now finished making changes for. Armor degrades at a rate that is slightly less than before.

However different armors will degrade at different rates, the heavier, and more robust the armor, the more abuse it can take from weapons because the armor is thicker and covers a larger area.

The earlier suits will have better immunity from gunfire, (since there
isn't much armor to be destroyed,) but offer far less protection from
gunfire, but they will get destroyed very quickly by anomalies and

The stalker suit and later body armor sets will offer
better protection from gunfire, anomalies, and mutant bites, but will
also get destroyed easily from gunfire, although less easily than they
are in the older patch. They also have progressively better immunities
from anomalies from the cheaper suits.

The scientist suits will
have the best immunity values against anomalies, and some are impervious
to certain anomalous agents like electrical shocks and chemicals.
However, they are ruined very quickly by gunfire and ruptures since it
ruins the sealed environment.

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