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Hal's Traders Overhauled

Made by - Halcyon777
Welcome to the page of my brand new mini-mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Please read the following information.

What this mod does:

1- All traders have better stock:

Detailed Overview:
I grew tired of all the traders in the game having a low amount of supplies to sell, so I completely edited all of the trader .ltx files to carry better stock from a realistic perspective. Traders will also pay you more for stuff you sell them, some will even pay you more for certain items than others, but not by much, I'm not trying to make the game too easy, everything is balanced. The style that I chose for this was more of a scenario type of thing. For example: Sidorovich sells more tier 1 items and ammunition that you can find early in the game, he also sells the Groza (or "Tunder") assault rifle for cheap which you can visually see sitting on a shelf in the back of his shop. The Barkeep in Rostok sells a mix of everything, and is the best trader to buy advanced armor from, he sells vodka for a cheap price. The Scientist in Yantar sells rare artifacts, and because Yantar is a zombie/mutant infested area he sells shotguns at the cheapest price. Faction traders were left at default, modding them messes up a lot of things, including their quests, but they still sell weapons that the other traders don't, like the VSS (Vintar) and Others. But sell your stuff to barkeep, Sidorovich, etc. To put it into perspective, I made each trader in the game unique, some have better deals than others and they all have their own styles. This way it makes it so that going to other traders isn't completely useless like it was before. Also, unique weapons and armor are NOT for sale by any trader, just like any Stalker you're supposed to find unique items while exploring The Zone, that's why they're unique! That covers most of it, if you want specifics on some of what exactly traders sell, check the readme.txt file in the download, it contains all of that information :)

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