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Star Citizen's dogfighting module at PAX East, Chris Roberts pilots Hornet

Posted: 11.04.2014 by Technet2k

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Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games are at PAX East and the long awaited dogfighting module for Star Citizen has been showcased live to attendees with footage now emerging. Chris Roberts is piloting a Hornet.

Comically things go a little wrong in the beginning as he crashes into part of a station and his ship disintegrates. There's almost 15 minutes worth of in-game footage so far.

Star Citizen developer Chris Roberts vows that his company will remain independent

Posted: 01.04.2014 by nickhorth1

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In a post on the official Star Citizen website, creator Chris Roberts addressed the recent Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR, promising that his company Cloud Imperium Games would not follow the route of impressive success followed by major corporation buyout.

Star Citizen's Asteroid Hangar and modular 'Room System' in new video

Posted: 31.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Episode 62 of the subscriber-funded Wingman's Hangar weekly series included a new 'Inside Cloud Imperium Games' segment, which focused on the Asteroid Hangar and the dynamic Room System.

The Asteroid Hangar is designed for those in Star Citizen who prefer to live outside the jurisdiction of the law, while the Room System will feature in all ground-based experiences.

Latest 'Inside Cloud Imperium Games' showcases Kythera AI in Star Citizen

Posted: 17.03.2014 by Technet2k

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We now have footage of the previously announced Kythera AI in motion as the latest 'Inside Cloud Imperium Games' segment visits Moon Collider, the creators of the future Skynet to rule us all.

We witness exactly why Cloud Imperium is so excited to have this dynamic AI working in Star Citizen, as they demonstrate NPCs adjusting to their surroundings on-the-fly.

Star Citizen to feature Kythera AI system for NPCs and spacecraft

Posted: 12.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Moon Collider, the creator of the Kythera AI system, is now able to announce their 'secret' licensee as Chris Roberts' Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen will use Kythera for its "dynamic AI" with NPCs and ships.

In fact the first taste of Kythera in Star Citizen will be possible with the Dogfighting Module, as pilots engage other players and AI. Kythera gives NPCs their own individualistic quirks.