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Factions Of War is a total conversion for Starcraft. It features two factions, the U.N.D.F. (United Nations Defense Forces), and the Venatir.

The Venatir are invading Earth on a crusade to kill all who stand in their way. Earth stood in their way...

... Seeing that the Venatir cannot break through Earth's planetary defenses, the Venatir open a hyperspace portal inside Earth's atmosphere, and sent thousands of shuttles full of battle-ready troops to the planets surface. Soon after, they construct a great warp gate on Earth. They then push all of their ground forces through from their home planet, Rigel.

The UNDF try to withstand these massive armies, but the battle is not yet won by either side. Who will fall? The great Venatir? Or the little Humans of Earth?

You decide. Fight the battle with huge fleets of battleships, squads of elite infantry, or the powerful armor division!


This mod features:
New graphics for nearly everything!
New style of game play.
Huge battles with gigantic explosions!
A wide variety of units, from Orbital Ion Cannon Artillery Cruisers, to the little attack drones on the gound!
So much more!
Development is about 0% done. Gameplay isn't done. Graphics are about 50% complete. Sound is 0% complete. I'll give you the new unit loadout later.

Ask around on our forums(reachable from the my website navbar) if you want to contribute ideas, or anything else.

FOW Release 2 is in planning! Some features:
Ability to deploy units into enemy lines with the click of a button!
At least 6-8 new units per race!
Popper Mines!
Deployable Turrets!
New Spells!
New Buildings! (maybe)
Different Load outs of units!
Carriers can hold tons of interceptors!

Have a look at what I'm planning for FOW v2: Here

*screen shot note* Some units say SSDF. That was the old name for UNDF.

MAJOR UPDATE--------------------------------------
Its dead. Sorry.

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