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Galactic Unrest Is going to be a HUGE TOTAL CONVERSION featuring 6 factions:

The New Soviet Union (NSU), and the European - American Alliance (EAA) Will be sharing terran.

Alpha And Beta Echelon will be sharing Zerg

Primera and Segunda Arcane will be replacing Protoss


Millions of years ago, there was another intelligent race on Earth. They were called the Arcane. After the dawn of man, the Arcane interacted with the humans, mostly in the European area, helping them along. Little did they know they were paving the path for their own demise.

About the time of the Roman Empire lived strong, the robotic Echelons (Division Delta) came to finish off the Arcane after a long, bloody war. They won. After they left, what little Arcane were left, buried themselves deep in the depths of Earth. There, they dwelled, their population only in the thousands.

Thousands of years later, in the year 2628 AD, the EAA recovered ancient documents in Spain. They told of a god-like superace called the Arcane. In the year 2630, stories were uncovered telling about a war between two races. At the end of one document, it said the location the remaining Arcane buried themselves. Described as the "Great Plain of Ice" European and American scientists found this to be Antarctica. The EAA pulled a huge, top secret operation together to make contact with the Arcane. In the year 2635, contact was made. And, oh did it not go well. The one they found, immedietly attacked them, killing 8 lab researchers. Brfore they killed it, he said in Spanish: " By revealing us, you have successfully purged us all into oblivion! Give it a few months, and they will all be here!"

The NSU, intercepting radio transmissions, declared war on the EAA in 2636.
Im sure many of you are thinking "Hey, your the one who dumped Factions Of War! How can we trust you with this?" Yes, I am, but this time, we have 3(!) people working on this. So, for whatever reason I cant work on this, Shadowoscar and Diliverance will finish it off.

Development has started, and we have a little demo showing off the EAA\NSU units, and some Arcane buildings.

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