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This mod plans to be an expansion to Broodwar, just like how Broodwar was an expansion to Starcraft. It will add new units to all races WITHOUT REPLACING EXISTING ONES!!! We will, however, replace heroes and other non-melee-game units and critter graphics to do this. This is for melee games only. Please e-mail is you have a suggestion or would like to help out.

The Method:
Graphics for critters and other units not used in melee games will be replaced. Then, I will assign hero units to the newly replaced graphics. The hero units will be modified and will become the new units in this mod.

This mod will also include:
-A campaign telling the events between Broodwar and SC2
-An AI that uses the new units

New Terran Units:

-Terran Avenger-
Role: Light flyer unit
Strategy: Harass enemies early in the game to gain an advantage
Requires: Academy, Armory, Weapons Center (NEW)
Weapon: Shotgun

-Terran Rocket Trooper-
Role: Heavy assault infantry
Strategy: Since it doesnt have radial splash, it can be used as an infantry support unit
Requires: Academy, Weapons Center (NEW)
Weapon: Long range rockets

-Terran Harbinger-
Strategy: This unit does good damage but is vulnerable to melee units. Be sure to protect your investment.
Requires: Starbase (NEW)
Ground Weapon: Shock cannon barrage
Air weapon: Skyseek missle barrage

-Terran Warcruiser-
Strategy: Include a few in your BC fleet...
Requires: Starbase (NEW)

New Terran Buildings/Addons:

-Terran Weapons Center-
Engineering Bay addon.
Researches building upgrades.

-Terran Accelerator-
Addon for any production building
Requires Armory
Builds the units that are created at whatever it is attached to

-Terran Starbase-
Requires all tech.

New Protoss Units:

-Protoss Knight Templar-
Role: Heavy melee warrior
Strategy: Use with zealots and dragoons
Requires: Templar Archives
Weapon: Dual-edged Psi Saber

-Protoss Ravager-
Role: Ranged support unit
Strategy: These are expensive, keep them in the back of your army for support
Requires: Robotics Facility, Fleet Beacon

-Protoss Vindicator-
Strategy: Use this as the lead unit in an air army. Protect it at all costs.
Requires all tech

-Protoss Marauder-
Role: Air to ground bomber
Strategy: Pair with corsairs for a double whammy!
Requires: Templar Archives, Fleet Beacon
Attack: Anti-matter Bombs

New Protoss Buildings

None for melee games.

New Zerg Units

-Zerg Crawler-
Role: Ranged fighter
Strategy: Very dragoonlike
Requires: Overmind

-Zerg Leviathan-
Strategy: Defend this unit with other air units. It can bombard your foes with some nasty attacks!
Requires all tech
Weapon: Acid Bombs

New Zerg Buildings

-Zerg Cerebrate-
Researches building upgrades
Requires: Lair

-Zerg Overmind-
Trains advanced units
Requires: Cerebrate

Campaign Units:

-Terran Grenadier (UED)-
Role: Heavy support infantry
Strategy: Lay laser drones for defense
Requires: Combat Center
Weapon: Flechette Grenade

Look in the editor for more!

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