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hi guys welcome to my mod of starcraft is Prepare To Fight verson 1.1 of this mod.
the previous mod is a bit buggy and sometimes crashes so i fixed that up.

this is a list of things this mod does.

buildings are done in 1.1 seconds for all zerg terran and protoss.
units are instant same with upgrades.
the attack of units is speeded up heaps.
all turret thing like the photon cannon sunkon colony and spore colony and the missle turret are invisible same with the terran bunker.
all the builders from the team are invisible as well same the the command centres and stuff.
ive made it so there is 6 upgrades instead of 3. u can get 8 units in a bunker.
in this version there are 2 units in one edd for example u get 2 mutalisks in the one egg. goes with all the units in the zerg team.

i have added a spalsh attack thing so your attack hurts another unit without attacking it if that makes sense. goes for all attacks.
i have added a weapon for the defiler its a venom attack. hope u like it this mod.

there are sheilds for all teams but u cant upgrade the ones on terran or zerg because u havent got the ugrade. so u can use the something for nothing cheat to do ugrade them.

prepare to have a big ass battle in melee battle and free for all battles.

if u like this mod send us an email @

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