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Hey guys/girls welcome to this mod called heroes n instant craft couldnt think of anything else so thats wat i came up wit.this is the destroyer the guy that created the instant starcrafts/prepare to fight and heroes mods.

ive combined those 2 together now the prepare to fight and heroes mod. took me a while to do it but it is done now. unfourtnaly it only works with 1.15.0 of the game ive tested on all versions of the game but doesnt work so yea.

u should know wat this mod does now. but ill still explain for wat this mod does.

well as u may know everything is instant build,upgrades,techs etc.

the heroes part of it.
zerg-well the zerg heroes are morphed from the larvas. and there is some of them are trained from the swarming pool.

protoss-protoss land heroes are built from the gateway flyin heroes built from the stargate and the reaver hero warbringer is built from the robotics facility.

terran-terran marines/ghosts are built from the barracks. tank heroes built from the factory. and the flyin from the starport.

hope u like it. if u want me to change sum things bout this mod send me info on wat u want in it at the email below.

if there is any bugs/crashes please send me an email at

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