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This mod adds only minor abilities to Starcraft. It makes game much faster.
The mod is compatible with latest Starcraft version (1.16.1).

There is

no new graphics/sounds
no new special technologies
no new units


Upgrades (damage,armor,shields) can be upgraded to 5th level (not only 3rd)
Main buldings of all nations (Nexus, Command center, Hatchery, Hair,..) are detectors and they are regenerating.
Time needed to create main building is only 1/2 of default time.
Time nedded to create Drone, Probe and SCV is only 2/3 of default time und they are regenerating. They mine gasses/mineras by 12 (8 is default). The mine depleted gass by 3 (2 is default)
HP of Drone is increased to 50.
"Towers" (Canoon, Spore Colonies,..) can be upgraded with units
v4: Decreased time and price of 1st upgrade. Now, 2st upgrade has same price & upgrading time as 1st upgrade before.

Your comments are welcome!
Have fun!

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