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~Longer description~
For those seeking a change in their 1v1 maps with a sense of balance and a little bit more breathing room than Steps of War, here is Battle Plateau!

Battle Plateau is a 1v1 map that alternates wide spaces and narrower choke points along with three different attack routes to your opponents base, allowing for different play styles. There are three expansions in each player's side of the map which are relatively defendable along with a third expansion option on a cliff accessible only by air. Though the natural and second expansion feel relatively safe, the cliffs around are accessible and must be protected against aggression. Notably, the back end of the natural's cliff has a small ledge to allow reapers (and colossi!) to hop onto the overlooking ledge.

Attacking your opponent across the map successfully relies on control of the central area. The Xel'Naga tower provides vision of all three available routes and tends to be a key strategic location, along with avoiding being surprised by the shadowed areas near your ramp. Allowing for both defensive and hyper-aggressive playstyles, this map should be ideal for any match-up and player preference.

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If you have any comments, feedback, or would like to drop a word, feel free to email me: hato.oso(at)

~How To:~
Download the map and open it inside the SC2 editor to modify or test it in 1v1, or publish in servers other than NA. If you are in NA you can play this map by searching "Battle Plateau" in the custom game section of BNet. Thanks for your time!

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