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Included inside the zip file are the entire SC2 Campaign missions TPSified (minus the yet-unconverted Zeratul missions) for your gaming pleasure. The next installment will include the zeratul missions and hopefully a way to integrate the maps directly into the Story mode of SC2. TO Use TPS: Select a unit (or group of units) and press "Pg Down" to enter TPS mode. Left click to attack an enemy, use the arrow keys to movee the selected unit(s). to exit TPS mode press either "Pg up or Pg down again".

Either extract to your SC2 Maps folder or open by double clicking on the desired map and starting it via the map editor.

Note that this is in an alpha stage and is yet to be fully implimented. No zeratul missions have yet been TPs'ed and the Zerg/Protoss modified campaigns have yet to be added.

*Users of some older computers may experiance various minor to severe framerate drops when using 3rd person mode due to the computer attempting to generate all displayed polygons.

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