Lords of the Black Sun News (PC)

Star Lords changes name to Lords of the Black Sun, reaches Beta stage

Posted: 23.04.2014 by nickhorth1

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Indie developer Arkavi Studios' 4X space strategy game Star Lords has had a name change. It's now called Lords of the Black Sun (admittedly a bit more memorable), and it's also just entered Beta development stage.

New update for 4X Star Lords, new features introduced by Arkavi Studios

Posted: 28.02.2014 by Technet2k

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The Steam Early Access build of Star Lords has been given a new big update with developer Arkavi Studios including a new game creation screen, which has been improved with less clutter and better organisation.

They believe that "most (if not all) stability issues" should also be addressed by this update with "experimental fixes" from the team. Domestic policies fleshed out, and more end game balancing.

In the Shadow of Orion

Posted: 20.01.2014 by JustCommunication

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Joe Robinson talks to Iceberg's CEO about how they've become the champions of the space 4X genre.

Iceberg Interactive's 4X strategy game Star Lords now on Steam Early Access

Posted: 06.12.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Iceberg Interactive has announced that their new 4X space strategy game Star Lords is now available on Steam Early Access. The game, currently in an alpha build, is being developed by Portuguese studio Arkavi Studios.

Teaser trailer for Star Lords, a turn-based space 4X from Iceberg Interactive

Posted: 19.11.2013 by Technet2k

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Portuguese developer Arkavi Studios is busy forming whole star systems for us to conquer and bully with turn-based space 4X Star Lords, which Iceberg Interactive has just released a teaser trailer.

This "epic-sized complex and dense" space empire builder promises a non-cheating AI that'll still whoop you good. It's likely to arrive on Steam Early Access this December as an alpha.