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Thank you for downloading Star Wars: Fleet Command for Star Trek: Armada II and the Star Trek: Armada II DEMO. SW:FC enables you to play as either the New Republic or Imperial Remnant, in a massive battle for control of the galaxy. Build expansive bases full of familiar Star Wars ships and stations, colonize and develop planets, establish mining operations, and build massive fleets full of every ship imaginable… from Z-95s and TIE Fighters, to MC-90s and Super Star Destroyers. Use hyperspace to gain an edge against your enemy via hit and run attacks, or simply use brute force to pummel your way through his defenses.

Star Wars: Fleet Command was designed for the enjoyment of all those who love Star Wars space combat, specifically all the Star Wars gaming clubs (such as the Star Vipers and the Rebel Squadrons… and yes, even the Emperor’s Hammer J) out there who have been longing for something "new" to do in the realm of Star Wars space combat games. I have dreamt of doing a Star Wars RTS for the community for a good many years now, and this is the fruit of that dream.

Keep in mind that this mod completely changes Armada II… and eliminates almost all vestiges of Star Trek stuff from it. SW:FC is designed for the A2 demo, but works much better with the full version of Star Trek: Armada II. The full version of Armada II provides increased performance, many enhanced options and features, tons more maps to play in, and is overall considerably better than the demo of A2. So, if you like SW:FC as run on the A2 Demo, enhance it with the Star Trek: Armada II full version!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas regarding Star Wars: Fleet Command, then please use the following contact methods:

E-mail: Stalker -

Message Board:

Installation and System Requirements
What’s new in 1.1?
Known Issues
How to Play
Instant Action and Multiplayer
Patch Schedule
Disclaimer and Legal Information

I - Installation and System Requirements

Simply run the SWFC.exe and extract it directly to your Armada 2 (demo or full version) directory. Then, double click on the Armada 2 desktop icon to run the game!

The music for SW:FC is a separate download which you can get at our website (or via and is very highly recommended for increased atmosphere when playing the game. The music download is about 15 MB, and includes installation instructions. If running SW:FC with the demo of Armada II, then take the music track of your choice (in *.wav format) and rename it to ”Mrommp300.wav”. Then, copy over the existing “Mrommp300.wav” file, and you’ll have Star Wars music in the demo!

Minimum System Specifications

Pentium II 300MHz
2nd or 3rd Generation Video Card with at least 8 MB VRAM

Recommended System Specifications

Pentium III 500MHz or higher
256MB RAM or higher
ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce video card with 64 MB VRAM or higher

II - What’s New in 1.1?

Version 1.1 of Star Wars: Fleet Command adds a considerable number of new features to the already-comprehensive version 1.0. Here’s a list of changes…

Added in Cargo Facility, Cargo Ships, Ion Turret, Viscount-Class Mon Cal Star Defender, and Sovereign-Class SSD as new units
New models for all Mon Calamari Cruisers, Victory-Class SDs, Dreadnoughts, Assault Frigate, Interdictor, and X-Wing
Revised/altered models for Corvettes, Modified Corvettes, Gunship, and Strike Cruisers
Sensor Array renamed to CGT Array (and has a changed model to boot).
Multi-Warhead turret removed and replaced with Ion Turret
Super-Heavy Yard added to the New Republic for construction of Star Defenders
Functioning (and lag free) Gravity Well Generators added
Superlaser functionality tweaked
All weapons tweaked. New weapon types added to fit new balance scheme
All build times rebalanced to make things more fun and realistic
All Capital ships and stations altered with more realistic weapon and shield loads
Fighters equipped with limited warheads and a Supply System put in place to resupply them if need be
Evil Artificial Intelligence
And all the other stuff I forgot to mention…

III - Known Issues

These are the current bugs/issues within Star Wars: Fleet Command that may be addressed in later patches (see “Patch Schedule”, below, for details)

If you have downloaded and installed the Music, when you load up a game, you may notice as it brings up the game, it pauses for about a minute. Do not worry, the game has not crashed, it is just loading the large music file.
Default Single Player missions with Armada II do not always work properly with the changes that were made in SW:FC. A possible Single Player campaign set in the Star Wars universe is planned to replace this, however.
Some ships, most notably the Assault Transport and Xiytiar Repair Ship, lack the correct wireframes. There are currently placeholder wireframes that appear similar to the ships you wish to build.
There are many ships without pictures in the Admiral’s Log (the post-game log screen).
Turn bump mapping to “Off” in graphical options if Imperial-Class Star Destroyers (like the Imperial starting unit, the Chimaera) look transparent or “blotchy”… this is a video card compatibility issue.

IV - How to Play

Star Wars: Fleet Command changes quite a few things, so here are a few tips and tricks to make your playing experience easy and fun:

In order to send hyperspace-capable ships to hyperspace, select them, then right click on the mini-map, or ALT + right click on the screen (you will get a blue move cursor) to where you want them to go. Larger, slower ships like Super Star Destroyers may take awhile to reach their hyperspace entry point, however…
When hitting the “Build” button on platforms and construction ships, you may notice blacked out areas where buttons should be. These are ships/stations that you have access to, but cannot build yet because you do not have the tech for it. Hold your mouse over the empty button to discover what you still need in order to build the ship/station.
Special weapons can be fired by pressing the special weapon button, and then either targeting the ship for it to be applied to, or, in the case of Centerpoint Station, targeting the space around an object.
If you possess a ship or station with Gravity Wells onboard, you can activate them by selecting the object in question, clicking the “Gravity Well Generator” button, and then clicking the cursor either where you want the gravity well to appear (in the case of ships), or next to the object (in the case of stations).
If you see a starfighter with 0 warheads left (special energy level), fly it nearby a friendly cap ship or station, then select that station and hit “Warhead Resupply”. Voila! Your fighter (or unlimited numbers of fighters, as long as they’re in range of the resupplying ships/stations) is now completely resupplied with warheads!

V - Instant Action and Multiplayer

Star Wars: Fleet Command has been fully tested online. If anything, it is the most enjoyable aspect of this mod, since playing humans is considerably more challenging than playing an AI.

To play with another person online, you must have the same version of SW:FC installed. ANY modifications you make to the mod for your own personal use, will put you out of sync with other players, and you will be listed as “incompatible” in their games. The only way to find out is to create a game or look for a game. All games listed will be in a yellow color if they are out of sync with you. Any games showing up in white are compatible and you can join them.

Multiplayer games can feature up to 8 players (including AI players). Keep in mind that upper-level AIs are just as effective as human players, and occasionally moreso.

Star Wars: Fleet Command was designed with the Star Wars gaming community in mind, and is therefore geared towards online competition-type play. However, Single Player mission editing is possible, with the right knowledge and tools. Information on this is to be released after the release of SW:FC 1.1.

VI - Patch Schedule

There will be at least two patches for Star Wars: Fleet Command coming in the future. Each patch will fix issues in the above list, tweak the balance of existing game objects, and add in new ships/stations/GUIs/etc. in order to complete the full Star Wars experience. Below is a list of the currently planned patch additions.

Seismic Charges for Slave 1, and possibly space mines
Fix the Death Star firing animation, and enable it as a map unit
Single Player Campaign set in the Star Wars universe
Add in Defender-Class Star Destroyer, Bothan Assault Cruiser, XJ X-Wing, and other new ships/stations from the NJO era (and some original designs)
All new voiceovers
Finish all wireframes and Admiral’s log pictures
Etc. (The all-important catch-all!)

VII - Disclaimers and Legal Information

The Star Wars: Fleet Command team (as part of the Star Trek vs. Star Wars team) CANNOT be held responsible for any consequential damage to your system from the use of this mod. If you download and install this mod, you do so at your own risk. The material in this mod is NOT made or supported by either Activision, Paramount Pictures, LucasFilm Ltd. or LucasArts Entertainment Co. in any way, shape or form. No copyright infringement is intended to any of the above companies shown and no profit is made from this mod other than the public’s satisfaction of our work. All Star Trek ships, logo’s, names and statistics are property of Paramount Pictures. The game Star Trek Armada is an Activision product (developed by Mad Doc Software). All Star Wars ships, logo’s, names and statistics in this mod belongs to those companies who own the rights to them, without question. We've simply changed some basic files in order that others might be able to play in the wonderful universes spawned by the minds of Roddenberry and Lucas. Thanks to all those who love Star Wars and Star Trek... because without you, we would have no reason to make this.

All models and textures in Star Wars: Fleet Command have been made from scratch. Many older models and textures are based off the designs used in the LucasArts game “X-Wing Alliance”, but are not direct conversions thereof.

The concepts and ideas used in the development of the Star Wars: Fleet Command mod are the property of the ST vs SW team and of Night Software Inc..The models, images, and designs are property of their respective creators. Any changes made to this mod by 3rd parties should be run by the Star Wars: Fleet Command team lead, Stalker. If you wish to have additional features in this mod, please consult Stalker, and he will determine the viability of adding them to a future patch.

VIII - Credits

Below is a list of all the team members and everyone else who helped in the creation of this mod, either through actively submitting something to us, or allowing us to use their material for our benefit. If I mistakenly left anyone out (and I might do that because so many helped) then please contact me at once and I will rectify this document with the next update.

Team Members

Stalker -
SW:FC Project Leader. Majority of the Star Wars (SW) Modding, AI, Music, Rebel Voiceovers, Mon Cal Cruiser Voiceovers
Angel -
STvsSW Project Leader. Some (initial) Star Wars modding, Imperial Voiceovers
Sim Rex -
Assistant modder, Modeler/SOD Converter, AI, Imperial Voiceovers
Loccu -
All SW Build/Tech Buttons, GUI Interfaces, Splash startup picture, Website Designer, Main Menu Animations and Background
Idler -
Modeler/SOD Converter
Storm -
Modeler/SOD Converter
Challenger -
Modeler/SOD Converter
Major A. Payne-
Modeler/SOD Converter, Beta Tester, Installer
MightyMidget -
MoD Seatbelt -
Modeler, Beta Tester

Additional Help

Bel Iblis -
Beta Tester
Weasel -
Rebel Voiceovers
Weasel -
Rebel Voiceovers
Phoenix -
Beta Tester
Weasel -
Rebel Voiceovers
Rom Spy -
Rebel Voiceovers
Chris of Rexcom -
Imperial Voiceovers
Akira -
Star Wars Laser Weapon Textures
Ch'Yu Chen -

Extra Special Thanks -
I’d like to thank Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, without whom I would not have had the inspiration, nor the opportunity, to make this dream come true. This is dedicated to Him… thanks God! J
- Stalker

IX - Contact

We would like to know what you, The Public, think of our work so that we may improve it further in future patches. Any bugs or issues with SW:FC should be reported to Stalker ( at once, although we would prefer that you do so in our forum. Should you wish to use certain material from this mod, then please contact Stalker about it first. Also, our forums are located at:

Have fun, and we hope you enjoy what you play. We certainly did =)


The Star Wars: Fleet Command Team

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