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Author: Fleet Operations Team

Fleet Operations is a popular multiplayer orientated modification for Activision's Star Trek Armada II. The project target was not only to create a simple "modification" but trying to make Armada II a worth successor to the second best selling Star Trek game Star Trek: Armada (behind Interplay's Star Trek: 25th Anniversary by a small, but fair margin).

As Armada II is much different from what everybody thought the successor of Armada I should be, we started to change the philosophy of the game. The objective of our mod is to bring the game back to the Star Trek root. We do not believe in the sense of creating big fleets within seconds and battles based on the pure number of materials. We do not see benefits of an unbalanced weight between the races. Our mod is based on the conviction that each ship should have its defined task and does not loose its importance during the game. We designed each ship new with more realistic textures. Each race has its single new designed techtree. We introduced a credit system that gives you the possibility to create a certain number of race specific special ships. We designed new surroundings for the maps, more realistic asteriod fields, more animated star maps to increase perception of the game. Do not hesitate to have a look at the screenshots and if you like it download Fleet Operations.

Version 3.0 includes advanced graphics, a whole new user interface, completly replaced ship models, 5 balanced races with totally new gameplay and tons of new possibilities making Armada II a real real time strategy multiplayer game.

Fleet Operations 3.0 features

* 5 races including Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan and Dominion
* Each race features 2 Avatars supporting your preferred tactic
* Over 200 brand new ship and station models
* All new multiplayer maps in realistic environments
* Long-lasting battles with tons of new weapons and sound effects
* Ship experience and level-up system
* Completly reworked Artificial Intelligence
* Dynamic Game User Interface
* Reworked balance system
* New Soundtracks
* Installs right off your Armada II CD - no pre-installation required
* Latest Armada II Patch included - based on Star Trek Armada II Patch 1.2 Project
* Widescreen, enhanced multi-monitoring and build-in multisampling support
* Windows Vista UAC compliant
* Integrated Map Manager
* and much more....

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