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Author: FahreS

Readme File:

||° Compact Dream - GUI °||

-Information about this mod
-Installation instructions
-For Modders

You are not allowed to change and/or publish this mod,
or content of this mod without my permission.
Contact me via e-mail and tell me, what do you want to change
and where and how do you want to publish it.

Information about this mod___________________________________________________________________
This mod changes the federation GUI,
to add a nicer look and a more practical GUI adjustment to your game.
Although I did recreate the command buttons, this mod has no influence on your other GUIs,
if you don't want to.

Installation instructions____[2 Steps]_______________________________________________________

1. Copy the files (Hit Replace all, when prompted.)

|This step requires replacing files. Create copies of the original files,
|to make sure that you can uninstall this mod.


in your Armada 2 directory to:
"...ActivisionStar Trek Armada IISprites"


in your Armada 2 directory to:
"...ActivisionStar Trek Armada IImisc"

|If your monitor has a 4:3 resolution, ignore the other files in the "misc" folder.
|If your monitor has a 5:4 resolution,
| use the file "5x4 gui_fed.cfg" BUT rename it to "gui_fed.cfg"
|If your monitor has a 16:10 resolution,
| use the file "16x10 gui_fed.cfg" BUT rename it to "gui_fed.cfg"


2. Copy the folder (Hit Replace all, when prompted.)


in your Armada 2 directory to:
"...ActivisionStar Trek Armada II



TIP: Install the command-buttons for all Races_______________________________________________
If you prefer these blue command buttons over those silver stock buttons, do the following:

- Open "gui_federation.spr" (Located in this Mod, in the folder "Sprites")
- Search this line: "//RACE SPECIFIC COMMAND BUTTONS -----"
and copy ALL lines below.

- Choose the directory:
"...ActivisionStar Trek Armada IISprites"

- Open one after another the following files, and add the copied lines at the end of them:

- Save the file and close it - done.

For Modders__________________________________________________________
I have placed empty buildbuttons, active- and passive-special-weapon-buttons
and command buttons in the main mod directory.
Which offers every Modder the opportunity to create new buttons that fit to this GUI.
Of course, you are allowed to publish those buttons, done by you.

Notice 1: The *.bmp files ending with an "a" are meant as an AlphaMap for the *.tga file,
and will allow you to create transparent buttons.

Notice 2: To make transparent buildbuttons possible, you have to add the definition
"@tmaterial=interface" to your "gui_global.spr" file.

"fwvoyint.tga", "fwseldest.tga" and " fwfedfreeze.tga" are examples.

Questions to: FahreS Design (my projects) The Main Armada II Tutorials

This material is not made or supported by Activision.
I have tested this mod and discovered no problems,
therefore, I take no responsibilty for harm this file may do to you or your computer.

Have fun with this Mod!


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