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This is the new Archer Class ship for the feds. It's a modern TNG update to the initial NX design. It's too good a design to not bring back to the TNG era. The ship was only ever called NX, so I'm aptly renaming the TNG version "THE ARCHER".

I've included this readme, and several jpeg format pics, as well as the model, textures, and the odf itself.

Just drop the .SOD in the sod folder, ODF in the ships folder in the ODF folder, and the Textures in the rgb folder in textures.

This is a 8000+ poly model, so it's a bit hi poly, and the textures are 2048x2048, so they are relatively hi res. Granted this is a 2001 game, but by now you all should have computers able to handle a few of these ships in your fleet. furthermore, the a2 engine was used for the xbox360 ST Legacy, so we know the game can handle it. It is a very highly detailed ship.

Right now, its as though as an Akira class, ODF wise, but feel free to edit that. I will eb releasing this on BC files and Legacy files, as well as a few kitbashes just for fun.

If you are going to enter this into a package mod, please just give credit, and a heads up to me so I can play the mod.

check me out on Star Trek Online at


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