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This is the Archer x ship pack.

included ships are:

Archer class
Archer X class
Atlantis class
Atlantis X class
Archer Y class

Other items included:

Texture upgrades. They will work for these versions of the Archer series, an you can copy-paste over the old Archer series textures to update the textures of the previously released ships.

Model touch ups.

Zoom in fade killswitch. (the RTS.cfg file)

Low res textures (512x512)

High res textures (2048x2048)

Each ship is now approx as strong as a soverign. No corbomine ref though. only the Steamrunner and Akira special weapons apply.

The X class ships have a high recharge rate.

If you would like to use these models, or any part of them, you are welcome to it as long as you please contact me first, and give credit. Thanks.

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