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Wing Commander Mod - Terran Confederation - for Star Trek Armada 2.

Conversion from ST Armada 1 to ST Armada 2 made by Janos Miklos,using the original Mod:


Arrow Light Fighter
F-104 Bearcat Heavy Fighter
Banshee-class light fighter
Venture-class corvette
Excalibur Heavy Fighter
F-106A Piranha class Scout Fighter
Wasp F-110 A point-defence fighter

Capital ships:
Bengal - Confed Strike Carrier
Midway Heavy Carrier
Vesuvius - proto-typical strike carrier
Hyperion - Plunkett Class Artillery Cruiser

To install, unzip into your primary Armada II directory.


No part of this mod however, may be echanged for money!

Tests were made and the Wing Commander Mod works without difficulty. This is the version made for ST Armada 2.

If you like to play the Wing Commander Mod for ST Armada 1, please click here:

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