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RPG-Mod V2 by Christian Oberlerchner 08.05.2009

Requirements: Star Trek: Elite Force II

RPG Enterprise-E:
USS Armstrong V3
Type 11 shuttle
Starfleet Academy

Run the Installer. (You can delete the old version from your base folder)

Delete the folder "RPG" in your EF2 folder.
- Allows you to sit down (press . key)
- New Animations (no Combat-Stance, sitting)
- Tricorder now has the right size (no more Micro-Tricorder bug)
- You get a Tricorder and Phaser when you join.
- stun/kill messages (no more holofragged)
- Switch to 3rd person (press , key)
- new default settings (weapons damage, max speed, ...)
- Weapons dont have splash damage anymore
- New Scoreboard (more space for names, no points, ID)
- RPG maps appear on top of the maplist
- Players dont get awards anymore (dont want to flatter them for n00bing :P )
- Private messaging: tell ID "Message" (example: tell 1 "Hello") (type it in the console)
- Kick people with "Kickshield": callvote kick ID (example: callvote kick 1) (type it in the console)
- Starship models no longer disappear at higher distance
- new Transporter sound (no more "bling" in the beginning...)
- Script changes on RPG Enterprise-E: Warp, Phasers/Torpedoes, spawn ships on viewscreen,
transport players to the brig, Transporter-Forcefield automaticly goes down if no player is on the server,
fixed the bugged brig forcefields, replace Quantum-Burst with STX-sniper-rifle (all the scripts i have on my server)

Bugs: If you crouch it looks like you are sitting,
but it doesnt do it in Holomatch anymore because it uses a seperate folder.

Notes: If you hear distorted sounds change your Sound settings to 44kHz.
If you want different weapons at start, look into Extra/Start-Up-Equipment folder in this ZIP file.
Credits: GSIO01 and ChrissStrahl for the Enterprise-E scripts i edited.

Beta-Testing: Riaros, Mossie and people who downloaded it from my site (

RPG-Mappers: (Note: maps not included)
GSIO01/ChrissStrahl: RPG Enterprise-E
spannerads: USS Armstrong V3
Merrick: Type 11 Shuttle
Raichu026: Runabout
Oberlerchner: Starfleet Academy

You may use parts of this file as long as you
give credit.

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