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Author: The Colonists

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A Gate Two Birds and the beautiful Sky Modification Source-files.
Voice actors:
Extras: Exclusive Map Files!

The GBS Mod is an Open Source Project, developed by 'The Colonists'
for Ritual Entertainment’s 'Star Trek: Elite Force II'
It adds an all new single player adventure to the game. The story
centres around Illia Ericcson, a former agent of Section 31, the
Federation's most secret intelligence agency. Illia's final
mission proves to be her most dangerous one yet, as she faces
impossible opposition in Romulan space. (10 NEW Maps!)

The development of Gate-Birds-Sky is coordinated by Stefan "Argyle"
Hudelmaier and Lars Tiefland who brought you the award
winning Elite Force 1 mod, Colony7.

GBS is completely open source. That means that everyone
(including you) has complete access to all the files
(including maps music, textures, etc).

Other Mods by 'The Colonists' for ST:Voyager Elite Force Colony 7

About this version of the Mod
Fixed: Missing Classname for misc chars.
Fixed: Misc bugs on map1.
Fixed: Patrol State (map6).
Added: Missing Patrol State (map9).
Added: Advanced Health Hud Modification
Added: Map source files.

Unofficial Support by Hazard Modding for developers only!
Please refer to the official GBS Forums first!
Hazard Modding is offering unofficial support for GBS developers.
If you wish to create your own mod or map with the given sources
of the GBS mod and need some answers or help just post in the HZM

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