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This is a playable Tech Demo map, to demonstrate
my new modification called MOM (Multi Options Menu).

The distinctive feature of this is that it enables the
Player to use a specific Menu to choose between multiple
options, his selection can be detected by the script and
will perform the predefined action in a function.

This is similar to the stock singleplayer Menus, but it
works in multiplayer any time, without cheats enabled.

16 Options per Menu are provided from which the player can choose.
This map provides the following features:
- A two way Transporter with 4 available different coordinates
- A Replicator, allowing you to pick up and use the items
- 4 new interactivity indicator Symbols
- Gives a weapon to the player on spawn
- A Lift, with 9 levels to go
- A controllable Fontaine
- A Code access Panel
- A destructible Lamp
- 5 different Menus

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