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The Columbia system, a small system, comprises of two planets but only one is habitable. In the 2156, Columbia, NX-02, search the system for dilithium crystal, as to mine them. However, the Romulan(at that time, Earth-Romulan war), controlled the region met with two Bird-of-prey. The Columbia manage to use the nebula as an advantage, and destroyed the Romulans.

The system is called 'Columbia', two years, a small outpost is build, ships like the Discovery class, or Intrepid Class, patrolling this sector. After the UFP was formed, it is a well-known establish trading system, two trading stations were build.

Anyway, if you are wondering why it is version 2, this is actually a scratch version, except more accurate, detailed and clean map. The version 1 is for the New Generation(not related to Peterscan's New Generation) but was discontinued, however the Columbia proves much combat area instead of exploration area.

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